MyPrivacy GmbH

MyPrivacy GmbH

Argentinierstrasse 53/16, 1040 Wien
+43 (0) 660 505 3773

Who is MyPrivacy?

We are an Austrian cybersecurity start-up specialized in advanced cryptography. MyPrivacy was founded in 2018 and received seed funding from the Federal Ministry and aws (Austria Wirtschaftsservice), as well as funding from FFG.

MyPrivacy SafeSpace is our technology, that can be used to protect any kind of data stored in untrusted environments like public clouds, providing the data owner full access control and complete anonymity. 

If you are excited about cryptographic techniques like Zero-Knowledge Proofs, we might be a great fit!

Our technology makes the public cloud a safe space for sensitive data.

We protect the data and the user privacy of our customers.

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