Kapsch TrafficCom

Kapsch TrafficCom

Am Europlatz 2, 1120 Wien
+43 50 811 1906

What we do

At Kapsch TrafficCom, we are working on making a sustainable future for traffic a reality. We are developing innovative solutions for transport and traffic in the areas of smart urban mobility, connected vehicles, tolling, traffic management and traffic safety.

Through our forward-thinking solutions, we have a clear goal: Getting from A to B in a comfortable, safe, efficient and sustainable way. In this endeavor, we also focus on a sustainable value creation process. 

Our innovative and creative teams work cooperatively around the globe on solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow, answering the questions of the future of mobility, like:

How can cities like Buenos Aires, Mumbai or Madrid influence traffic flows to the benefit of their citizens and the environment? How does a car have to communicate with its surroundings to drive autonomously and safely? And how can we improve the traffic experience for each individual participant?

Answering these questions takes curiosity, creativity and cooperation – the values that the future of mobility needs, and the values that Kapsch TrafficCom lives.

Who we are

We are around 4,220 colleagues who work with passion, freedom and perspective - both in developing our sustainable solutions and in shaping our career paths. We are all an important part of the company and are supported from the very beginning, allowing career progress based on our individual skills and goals.

This makes Kapsch an excellent employer, a global corporation, a family business, a traditional company and an innovator all at the same time.

What we are looking for

Software Engineer, Software Test Engineer, System Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Solution Designer, Application Engineer, Product Owner

What we offer

Flexible work hours/ Home Office

Public accessibility/ Job Ticket on Top

Competitive salary

Pension Plan

Challenging and engaging projects

Accompanied along your personal career path

Job rotation

Training and development for personal and professional development

Company doctor & Resilience & Care Counselor

Celebrations/ Events

Employee benefits

More information

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