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Master Thesis „3D Reconstruction of microstructures Teilzeit

We are Austria's largest research and technology organisation and an international player in applied research for innovative infrastructure solutions. This makes us a powerful development partner for industry and a top employer in the scientific community. Our Center for Vision, Automation & Control in Vienna invites applications for a:

Master Thesis „3D Reconstruction of microstructures"

- High-Performance Vision Systems -


  • Our Competence Unit High-Performance Vision Systems (HVS) has been active in research for industrial inspection and quality assurance systems for more than 20 years, which creates a stimulating and supportive framework for all students working with us.
  • While writing your master thesis at AIT, you have the unique opportunity to work on an interesting real-world problem, that arose in an ongoing industrial application within an international research project, focusing on the quality inspection of so-called riblet films. Riblet films are transparent, micro-structured films that can improve the aerodynamics, i.e., reduce drag and increase the efficiency in various flow applications. For example, their application on aircrafts can substantially reduce fuel consumption.
  • For quality assessment of this riblet structure, which deteriorates during the operating lifetime, 3D inspection tools are needed. In the special case of (transparent) riblets films, to infer the depth information is challenging, mainly due the lack of texture in the images. In this project we attempt to solve this problem by actively adding texture using structured light.


  • The main goal of the thesis is to evaluate a structured light approach to infer depth information from riblet films. The structured light illumination module is currently implemented and installed in our team.
  • The working hypothesis to be addressed in this project is whether structured light illumination improves the accuracy of the (3D) depth information inferred from acquired riblet structure.
  • During this master project you will be involved in hands-on lab work, you will learn how to acquire image data sets of different riblet structures and will get a good insight into calibration standards.
  • Furthermore, you will support us in the implementation of a novel 3D reconstruction algorithm. Last but not least, there will be testing of the algorithm and evaluating the 3D reconstructions to assess the performance and added benefit of structured light illumination for riblet imaging.


  • We expect that the additional structured illumination greatly benefits the 3D reconstruction and suspect that the evaluation performed in this thesis will reflect this hypothesis. 3D reconstruction algorithms require texture to work reliably. Thus, in theory, the texture added via structured lighting is expected to improve the 3D reconstruction quality.
  • You will get familiar with state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction methods that are at the forefront of application-driven research in the field.
  • You will gain insight into the applied research working environment, you will share views with our scientists and will get to know new processes and technological developments.

Your qualifications as an Ingenious Partner*:

  • Ongoing master's studies in Computer Science, Computer Vision/Image Processing, Mathematics, Physics or related fields
  • Knowledge in computer vision and image processing
  • Good programming skills in Python or MATLAB
  • Ability to communicate and work in a team
  • Strong self-motivation and enthusiasm for creative solutions
  • Very good command of German or English (verbally and in writing)

What to expect:

EUR 803,-- gross per month for 20 hours/week based on the collective agreement. There will be additional company benefits. As a research institution, we are familiar with the supervision and execution of master theses and we are looking forward to supporting you accordingly!

At AIT, the promotion of women is important to us - that's why we are especially looking forward to applications from ambitious female candidates. 


Please submit your application documents including your CV, cover letter and certificates online:



  • Unternehmen: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
  • Ort: Wien
  • Gehalt: EUR 803,-- gross per month for 20 hours/week
  • Skills: Elektrotechnik, Englisch, Maschinenbau, Softwareentwicklung, Python
  • veröffentlicht am: 22.07.2021